Getting The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Well you have to have car insurance by law but the increases in premiums over the last few years are in themselves criminal and are beginning to hurt people\’s finances. Unfortunately these constant increases have placed pressure on families with low incomes where they have to choose from putting food on the table or paying for their car to be insured and understandably food comes first. Although the method used to calculate premiums is complicated, there are methods you can use to reduce the amount you pay and learning these would be a wise move.nnObviously the age of the driver has a great deal to do with this as car insurance companies will penalize drivers under twenty five because they do not believe they have been driving long enough to accrue much experience. Unfortunately for those younger drivers who are safe, they pay the cost for the vast majority who are considered unsafe on the road as accident and moving violation statistics can prove. Therefore, people under the age of 25 are required to pay more for the pleasure of driving because they cost the insurance companies the most in auto claims.nnYoung people also have a liking for sports cars and this will not help their premium but all sports vehicles are rated in higher car insurance groups than small family cars or station wagons. Newer cars and cars with higher values are also more expensive to insure because the provider is at greater financial risk; if there is an accident and the car needs repairs or in the event of it being damaged beyond repair – replacing. If you want to save a considerable sum on your premium then why not choose a car that is an older model or one that is sturdier as these will not have such high costs.nnYour driving record at any age is also taken into consideration by insurers and will increase the premium if you have a poor record. If you have any accidents, speeding tickets, or moving violations on your driving record, the cost of your car insurance will typically be higher than if your driving record was clear. Good drivers are also less likely to make a claim unlike drivers with convictions or a history of accidents that are more likely (and inclined) too.nnAnnual savings can be made if this information is acted upon as the rise in car insurance premiums will continue. Other factors can influence the cost of vehicle insurance but these are the ones where long term benefits can be obtained. By knowing what these factors are, an individual will be better able to control the price they pay for car protection.

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